Determining the Factors Affecting Youths’ Family Satisfaction

Author/s: Murat Şentürk, Elif Altundere, Emre Çevik

Year: 2020 Vol: 2 Number: 1


The concept of family satisfaction is one of the important topics studied in the literature because of its strong effects on individuals’ experiences within the family, lifestyles, relationships in daily life, and job satisfaction. The research done on life satisfaction has addressed the factors that have positive or negative effects on life satisfaction. In the literature, topics such as life satisfaction, marriage satisfaction, and job satisfaction have been studied over their relationship with family satisfaction. This study attempts to determine the factors that identify youths’ family satisfaction. The elements that determine youths’ life satisfaction have been analyzed using ordered logistic regression through the survey data the Turkish Youth Civil Society Organizations Platform applied to 7,949 people across Turkey in 2018. According to the findings obtained from the study, the variables of income level, the youths’ parents’ education levels, number of people in the household, happiness levels, and level of satisfaction with economic status have emerged as the variables affecting youths’ satisfaction with family life.

family life, ordered logistic regression, family satisfaction

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