Aim & Scope

Toplumsal Değişim, sponsored by Human and Civilization Movement, is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the major challenges facing social systems in today and towards the future.

Toplumsal Değişim publishes problem-oriented, empirically-grounded analytical papers, theoretical essays and policy discussions in the field of social change and development.

Studies that contain the topics of political, economic, religious, cultural, technological, environmental/ecological, and demographic changes experienced in society are included in the journal.

Examples of desirable submissions include, but are not limited to:

  • Classical and contemporary social change theories
  • Comparative research in terms of humanitarian, institutional, and social change
  • Policies and planning studies in the field of social change
  • Important challenges that will force major changes on social systems in the future
  • Changes and transformations seen in communities and institutions due to environmental factors
  • The effects of changes experienced in the field of communication on social structure

Toplumsal Değişim collects research outcomes from different disciplines and methodological approaches. Particularly welcome are trans-disciplinary contributions leveraging the interdependence and synthesis of different sciences, e.g. politics, sociology, and social sciences.

This scientific Journal emerges from the lack of journals about social change in Turkey. The aim of the journal is to be a channel for original national and international scientific studies, to produce qualitative discussions related to social change, and to reveal how the phenomenon of change in Turkey and the world can be discussed using whichever conceptual tools, theoretical frameworks, and methods. In this way, it intends to bring together studies that approach the phenomenon of social change from different angles and to present these to the advantage of people and/or institutions doing work in the field.

Toplumsal Değişim is a multilingual journal and publishes articles in English and Turkish. The journal has a wide-ranging readership including researches in academia, social movements, NGOs and policy-making sectors.