A Qualitative Research on the Effect of Private Museums on the Image of the City


DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.51448/tde.2021.2

Year: 2021 Vol: 3 Number: 1


This study examines the relationship between the private museums in Istanbul and the city by evaluating the conditions of the occurrence of private museums. The role of private museums in the branding process of the city within the global city network has been tried to be understood. Qualitative research method was used in
the study prepared for this purpose. An in-depth interview technique was conducted with 16 people who visited private museums. The branding process of the city and the role of culture in the changes and transformations which is experienced in this process are discussed and the relationship established by private museums with the city in this context is examined in the introduction section. In the findings section, the data obtained from the field research were discussed. In the discussion part, the findings obtained with the result of the research were evaluated. It is stated that private museums prefer the city’s symbolic places while choosing a place in the city, and in this sense, they brand both themselves and the city.

Private Museum, Museum, Kent, Image of the City, Istanbul