The Opinion Leader


Year: 2019 Vol: 1 Number: 1


The study analyzes the communal type by utilizing the technical and intellectual infrastructure that qualitative research proposes, being one of the two main approaches used in the social sciences. It proceeds along the traces of the everyday world and its meanings produced in this world under a wide phenomenological umbrella. In this way, a few different techniques have been seen appropriate for accompanying the research: The snowball and theoretical sampling techniques have been taken advantage of in selecting the sample. The study has additionally been nourished from a theoretical substructure. Discussions on what opinions are in and of themselves, how opinions are produced, who the leaders of opinions and debates on producing or directing opinions are, what roles and boundaries they are assigned, the changing nature and functions of the types of opinion leaders, and their position and visibility in society have been opened around a theoretical evaluation of the initiatives and dilemmas.

social type, opinion leader, clans, open and closed communities

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