Social Communication in Third Places: A Case Study on Cafés in Balıkesir


Year: 2019 Vol: 1 Number: 1


Cafés which are one of the places of entertainment and socialization reflect the change in social relations. Nowadays, along with popularization of the internet, these places have various roles in social communication and gain different meanings. This paper aims to examine cafés in terms of public space and third places in the context of social communication. It shows that as a public space, third places affect social network connection and social communication in cafés and the changes through internet and social media. It is conducted on young people who go to cafés in Altıeylül and Karesi districts of Balıkesir, 40 observations are made at 18 cafés and 40 participants are contacted to participate. The paper aims to compare the two groups (high school and university students) in terms of social communication in cafés. Also, the paper will argue how smartphones and their applications, internet and social media change individual’s perceptions, practices and meanings of social communication by being active in everyday life.

public space, third places, social communication, cafés, Balıkesir

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