Pandemic and Demography: The Perceptions and Attitudes towards COVID-19 Pandemic by Age Groups

Author/s: Selman Salim Kesgin, Muhammet Burkay Durak


Year: 2021 Vol: 3 Number: 1


Becoming the major policy matter of the World since December 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic is a turning point in the world is history due to its social, political, and economic impacts. As a non-experienced situation by human beings in recent history, closure of schools, shops, prayers, and lock-down at home, it has huge impacts on people. States and non-state actors developed with various strategies to cope with the pandemic. Along with the pandemic, the policies developed to tackle it has impacts on society varying by the political, historical, cultural, economic structure of it. Aside from the global and national impacts, the pandemic also has enormous effects on
the persons.
Considering this, the “Coronavirus Pandemic: Attitudes and Perception Survey” has been designed and implemented to observe the effects of a pandemic on persons and society. The computer-assisted web interview has implemented online and 37296 people have participated.
The aim of this article is to examine the perceptions, attitudes, behaviors for the pandemic on different age groups. The survey data has analyzed by age subgroups, discussed and interpreted with the recommendations.
According to survey data, there is no major difference among the different age-groups about the perception, attitudes, behaviors towards COVID-19 pandemic. However, the results have shown that as age increases, the negative effects of the pandemic increases.

Coronavirus, Pandemic, Covid-19, Population Sociology, Youth Research