High School Students’ Fears Based on Social Environment and Social Media in the Context of Risk Society: The Case of Balıkesir


Year: 2019 Vol: 1 Number: 2


The risks of the modern world closely affect individuals’ daily lives within the social structure at all times and in all areas. The perception of a world full of dangers is the reason to have the decisions taken in life evaluated under the theme of risks. Youths who take measures to avoid any faced risk have formed a culture of fear in a way that with time will also impact their social perceptions and practices. This study aims to obtain new findings on the issue of high school students’ social fears in the context of risk society. In this study, the types of social fears and their effects on daily life have been examined in the conceptual framework of the changing perception of risk, risk society, fear culture, and trust. A total of 45 students, 24 girls and 21 boys, have been interviewed in the scope of the research. The research data has been obtained by performing in-depth interviews using a semi-structured interview form. This article will discuss high school students’ fears based on social environments and social media in the context of risk society.

risk society, social fears, social media, social environment, high school students

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